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PVDF Color Coated aluminum coil



PVDF Color coated aluminum coil
Alloy: 1050,1060,1100,3003,3005,3004,3105,8011,5005,5052
Width: 80mm-1600mm
Coating thickness: 4-20microns for single-coated,23-28 microns for double-coated,
30-38 microns for Triply-coated
Color: Any color is available,as per your sample or our sample
PVDF Color coating line
1.Stitching the strip to the previous coil
2.Cleaning the strip
3.3.Power brushing
4.Pre-treating with chemicals
5.Drying the strip
6.Applying primer on one or both sides
7.Curing(often only 15 to seconds)
8.Top coating on one or both sides
9.Second curing
10.Cooling down to room temperature
11.Rewinding of the coated coil
 production processing of color coated aluminum coil.jpg
PVDF Color coated aluminum coil feature
1.Smooth and flat
2.Weather resistance
3.Good quality surface finish
6.Excellent weather-proof durability
7.High erosion resistance
8.Stable color and gloss
9.Good mechanical processing performance
10.Abrasion resistance
PVDF color coated aluminum coil application
PVDF Colour coated aluminum is widely used in roofing and cladding system , celling system, curtain wall plate, shutter , gutter ,composite panel, can,home appliances board and embossed aluminum coil, honeycomb panels, lighting decoration ,outer-wall and inner-wall decorative material,kitchen cabinets,billboards,sign boards,tunnels and subway interiors,eaves,telephone booths,vehicle bodies,industrial usages and re-decoration of old building.
PVDF Color coated aluminum coil test data

Test Item
Performance indicators for PVDF
Color Difference
Gloss Difference
Coating thickness
Two layers min 25um
Three layers min 34um
Pencil Hardness
Grade 0
Boiling water Resistance
4h No Change
Solvent Resistance
200 times no break
Acidity Resistance
5%HCL 24hrs No Change
Alkali Resistance
5%NaOH 24 hrs No change color△E≤2.0
Oil Resistance
20# oil 24 hrs No change
Salt Spray Resistance
720 hrs≤ Grade 1
Alrasion Resistance
Dirt Resistance

PVDF Color coated aluminium coil color match
1.      For general colors,please refer to our color chart
2.      For custom’ color requests,we can deal as following:
a.       Supply a physical color sample. A color sample on metal is preferred,if other,it is also acceptable.But the color matching rate may be not good as color on metal.
b.       New color sample is usually offered by our paint supplier in 5-7 days,special color should be in 7-10 days.Will send you the new color metal sample in 2-3 days after our color matching department get the paint.
c.       Upon receipt of color sample,please approve in writing ASAP,.Once you approved,we will arrange purchasing the paint and arrange production.
Note about the color:
Color difference maybe occurred in different production batch,so it is suggested all panels are placed in one order for same project,And keep same direction as arrow on protective film when installing to avoid any color difference by vision.

 color charts.jpgcolour charts.jpg

Packing and delivery of Changyuan aluminum
Coated Aluminum coil of Changyuan have two type of packing:eye to wall or eye to sky.The details packing : plastic film and brown paper can be covered on the surface,put into wooden case or put on wooden pallet with IPPC stamp according to ISPM 15 to protect the products from damage during delivery.Generally,about 2 tons per package,and loading about 18-20 tons in one 20'container,about 20-24 tons in one 40'container

eye to wal for aluminum coil.jpgeye to sky for aluminum coil.jpgaluminum coil in containers.jpg


We can provide the aluminum alloy that is including the 1000 series ,2000series,3000 series,4000 series,5000 series,6000 series,7000 series and 8000 series.The main products: aluminum coil,aluminum sheet,aluminum plate,aluminum foil,aluminum tread plate,aluminum circle,aluminum composite panel,coated aluminum coil,aluminum strip,aluminum checked plate,brushed aluminum coil,mirror aluminum coil,embossed aluminum sheet,perforated aluminum sheet.

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