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1100 Embossed aluminum plate


1100 Embossed aluminum plate


0.09mm to 1.5mm for Aberrance orange peel embossed plate
0.3mm to 2.0mm for classic orange peel embossed plate
0.3mm to 1.5mm for Cobblestone embossed plate and rhombus embossed plate
Width: 80mm to 1550mm
Length: coil or up to 11000mm for sheet
Surface treatment: mill finish, pre painted , stucco
Package term: wooden pallet or wooden case

1100 Embossed aluminum plate application
Embossed aluminum plate have been widely used in refrigerator,solar heat reflectors,decorative aluminum products,lamps,bags,disinfection,box,air conditioning,ventilation ducts,indoor & outdoor decoration,machinery and equipment housing and other industries,like lighting fixture,lighting box,sanitizer,kitchen,cabinet and central ,air conditioning: system,rust-proofing, freezer, icebox and so on.

classic orange peel  plate.jpgcobblestone embossed plate.jpgdiamond embossed aluminum plate.jpgAberrance orange peel embossed plate.jpg

1100 Embossed aluminum plate feature
1. High weather resistance
2. Anti cratch anticorrosion
3. Easy processing and installation
4. High brightness
5. Acid-corrosion-resistance
6. Long-lasting shine,beautiful patterns
7. Anti-corrosion performance and stability
8. Strong adhesion ,impact resistance
9. Non-toxic side effects,safety and environmental protection


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