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PE&PVDF color coated aluminum strip can be made by Changyuan Aluminum

Changyuan Aluminum can provide the PE and PVDF color aluminum strip

In the past days, the Changyuan aluminum can only supply aplain luminium strip , from today we can supply painted color aluminium strip,it is includinng thePE color coated aluminum strip and PVDF color coated aluminum strip. the alloy is 1050,1060,1100,3003,8011,5005.The width is from 30mm to 600mm. After nearly a few months of debugging production, finally able to guarantee the product quality is stable,Is a major victory in Bangtai Aluminum.

In order to meet the needs of the market, we develop new products based on the existing machinery and equipment and personnel configuration, on the basis of through increasingly improved, successfully developed a new product series.And add this products in the products list.

The product quality is stable,the surface is smooth, no color, no burrs,the first order of this product has been  delivery, customer feedbacks that is have the good quality and width tolerance control very well, reduce the cost of  follow-up production.

Thanks to the  old and new customer support and Welcome to understand and purchase our products!

If having any need,please contact us,We can offer you the best price with the good quality.

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