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Coated aluminum foil for Aluminum composite panel

 Changyuan aluminum can supply the PE coated aluminum foil for the Aluminum composite panel as the colorful aluminum skin.

 The main alloy of  PE coated aluminum foil for aluminum composite panel is alloy 1100 and 3003,the main temper is H16 and H18.

The thickness is from 0.017mm to 0.5mm,the main thickness is 0.017mm,0.02mm,0.022mm,0.024mm,0.03mm,0.04mm,0.05mm,0.06mm,0.07mm,0.08mm,0.09mm,0.1mm,0.11mm,0.12mm,0.14mm,0.15mm,0.17mm,0.18mm,0.2mm,0.23mm,0.25mm,0.28mm,0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm.

The width is from 1000mm to 1560mm,the main width is 1240mm,1260mm,1540mm,1560mm.The width 1240mm and 1260mm of coated aluminum foil is for the width 1200mm aluminum composite panel,the width 1540mm and 1560mm of coated aluminum foil for the width 1500mm aluminum composite panel.

Changyuan aluminum can supply any colors according to your needs,that is based on the RAL Color number and the samples you supply.

Why the coated aluminum foil  is widely and suitable for aluminum composite panel as the aluminum skin?

It is based on the characteristic of coated aluminum foil.The characteristic of coated aluminum foil is as follows:

The coated aluminum foil have coated the colorful paint on the surface,so it is  colorful for meeting with the any needs.

The surface of coated aluminum foil is  Smooth and flat,Weather resistance,Anti-corrosion,Anti-ultraviolet,Excellent weather-proof durability and Stable color and gloss,so the aluminum composite panel can still keep the good quality surface finish when it has be used in decorating the outdoor and indoor wall,and decorating the shop sign.

The coated aluminum foil is High erosion resistance,so the aluminum composite panel has the characteristic to make various shapes that is strong plasticity.

If you need the coated aluminum foil for the aluminum composite panel,pleasesend me the emai,my email is danna@changyuan-al.com,We can offer you the best price with the best quality to meet you need.Also if you having any questiones about the coated aluminum foil,you also can send me the email,we can provide you the Professional product knowledge.

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