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Introduction of 5083 aluminium alloy

 5083 alloy belong to Al - Mg - Si alloy, wide use Pan, especially the construction cannot leave the alloy, is the most promising alloy.Good corrosion resistance, good weldability, cold workability is good, and with moderate intensity.5083 main alloy elements for magnesium, has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability and medium strength, used to make airplane oil tank, oil pipe, as well as the transportation vehicles, ships, sheet metal parts, instrument, lamps stent and rivet, metal products, electrical enclosure, etc.

The 5083 aluminum alloy is a high - magnesium alloy, which has good strength, corrosion resistance and good cutting ability in non - heat treatment alloy. The anodized surface is beautiful. Good performance of arc welding. The main alloy elements in 5083 alloy are magnesium, with good corrosion resistance and weldability, and moderate strength. Excellent corrosion resistance make 5083 alloy is widely used in Marine applications such as ships, cars, planes and weldment, subways, light rail, the need for stringent fire prevention of the pressure vessel (such as liquid tanker, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated container), cooling device, television tower, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile component armand so on.


5083 alloy Chemical composition
Al: aluminum allowance
Si (Si): 0.4 or less
Copper( Cu): 0.1 or less
Magnesium (Mg): 4.0-4.9
Zinc ( zi): 0.25
Manganese (Mn): 0.40-1.0
Ti (Ti): 0.15 or less
Chromium(Cr): 0.05-0.25
Iron (Fe): 0.4
Aother: 0.05
Total: 0.15
5083 alloy  mechanical properties
Tensile strength of sigma b (MPa) : 110-136
Elongation delta (%) : 10 or 20
Annealing temperature: 415 ℃.
Yield strength sigma s (MPa) 110 or more
The sample blank dimensions All wall thickness
Elongation delta 5 (%) of 12 or more

5083 aluminum alloy can make the 5083 aluminum plate,5083 aluminum sheet,5083 aluminum tread plate,5083 marine grade aluminum sheet and so on.
The details information is as follows:
Products: 5083 aluminum plate and sheet
Thickness:0.2mm-6.0mm for 5083 aluminum sheet
6.0mm-80mm for 5083 aluminum plate
Width: 200mm-2600mm for 5083 aluminum sheet
800mm-2600mm for 5083 aluminum plate
Length:up to 11000mm
products:5083 aluminum tread plate
Thickness: 1.1mm-5.0mm
Length:up to 11000mm
Height of bar: min 0.5mm for 1.1mm-2.0mm,4.0mm-5.0mm
min 0.8mm for 2.0mm-4.0mm
Suaface:5 bars,2 bars,3 bars
Products:5083 marine grade aluminum sheet /plate
Temper: H116,H321
Length:up to 11000mm
Package term:wooden pallet,about 2 tons per pallet

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