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aluminum circle for cookware

 Changyuan Aluminum  provide heavy gauge aluminum circles with thicknesses up to 5mm diameter up to 1200mm, which would meet all your needs. We use the finest raw material to improve the product quality, guaranteeing the quality of our aluminum Circle lives to national standards. aluminum circle

Aluminum circle, as aluminum disc, is widely used in making aluminum cookware, as aluminum sauce pan, pizza pan, utensils application. It is normal with thickness from 0.3mm--10mm, diameter from 100mm-800mm.
Cold extruded aluminum wafer for capacitor casing and tubing. Widely used in electronic, daily chemical, car accessories, etc. Generally applied for cooker, cookware e.g. pan, pot, utensils, etc.
The product is widely used in cold-extrusion, Reflector, Traffic sign or deeply-drawing for making electric rice cookers, non-stick pans/pots, kitchens, and cookware.
Cold Rolling Aluminum Circles are widely used in furniture like tables. But most aluminum circles clients requested are Deep Drawing Quality Aluminum Circle. These aluminum circles are widely used in kitchenware, cookware, reflector-light etc.
Product Features
Wide range of selection on aluminum circles' size including customized shape and size.
Excellent Surface Quality for lighting reflectors.
Excellent deep drawing and spinning quality.
We provide heavy gauge circles with thicknesses up to 6mm thick which is ideal for cookware.
Anodizing Quality and Deep Drawing Quality which is suitable for cookware as well.
RoHS and REACH compliance
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Continuous Quality Improvement
The purpose of our quality system is to continuously improve the quality of our products, our services, and productivity in order to achieve internal and external customer satisfaction.
Specifications of aluminum circle plate for Kitchenware / cookware:
1)1060, 1070, 1050, 1100, 3003,5052,8011
2) Temper H12 H14 H16 H18 H24, O
3) Thickness: 0.3mm to 10mm
4) Width: 100mm---1250mm
5) Applications: Road signs, aluminum circle for frypan, reflector of the light, electric rice cookers ,non-stick pans/pots,kitchens, cookware, cooking-utensil etc.
6) Quality: Totally free from defects like White Rust, Roll Marks, Edge damage , Camber, Dents, Holes, Break Lines, Scratch
7) Delivery Time: All circles are cut by machine and delivered soonest.

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