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The important effect of aluminum in the car of new energy


In the ministry to make "new material" twelfth five-year "development plan" put forward by the year 2015, in the key of new varieties of alloy to a major breakthrough, form a high-end aluminum alloy material, 300 kt, basic meet the large aircraft, rail transportation, the demand of energy saving and new energy vehicles, etc. And the main content is: organizational development car with 6 XXX series aluminum alloy plate, realize the thickness of 0.7 ~ 2.0 mm wide, 1600 ~ 2300 mm aluminum alloy plate of industrialization, the implementation of the industrialization of the 6016, 6022, 6111, alloy car plate production and deep processing.
The aluminization rate of automobile is increasing year by year China's manned vehicle use is about 20kg/s lower than abroad
Aluminum started commercial production in 1888, with its density is small, the resources abundance, colour and lustre is white, environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body, recyclability, strong corrosion resistance, high transmission performance is good, no magnetic, easy processing and forming, and many other somewhat in the various sectors of the national economy obtained the widespread application, in 2011 the world's aluminium production has exceeded 43000 kt, become second to the steel metal, 34% of which is about 14620 kt for transportation equipment manufacturing.
The first 1899 aluminum alloy sheet metal body small sports car at the Berlin international auto show debut, plate aluminum alloy in automotive application first;In 1910 the first aluminum bus started operation in Paris, since aluminum plate more and more application in the passenger car.The tank truck and trailer and trailer 1950 s made of aluminum plate, north American van train today aluminized rate has exceeded 92%, most of Europe tank car, trailer, such as aluminum alloy manufacturing has been adopted, every car car lost an average of 800 kg, gold aluminum cars and buses (the Audi A8, TT roadster and jaguars, XJ, etc.) have appeared.
In the foreseeable period (2030), aluminum is to improve the transport efficiency, reduce the transportation cost, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, developing circular economy, maintenance, road safety is the most desirable metal structural materials.Aluminum can with all kinds of form such as plate, foil, tubes, rods, type, line, forging, powder, casting, die casting, etc. Used in vehicle manufacturing.All aluminum manned vehicle lr by extrusion material of frame and cover with aluminum housing.Several kinds of car body aluminum dosage see table, cars with plate more, and more dosage of the section of the bus.






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