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The development trend of beer label aluminum foil

 With the rapid development of packaging industry, most of the breweries are using the beer bottle label aluminum foil (beer label).The product is 8011 O,0.0115mm aluminium foil. The process and mechanical properties of aluminum foil for beer are produced by casting billet.The technical requirements of energy, pinhole and user are reviewed, and the development trend of aluminum foil for beer is forecasted.

1. Main technical indexes of aluminum foil for beer labelbeer marks.png
1.1 chemical constituents of aluminum foil for beer label
In our country, the chemical composition is 8011 aluminum foil, whether in hot rolled stock mother coil or in the aluminum foil produced by casting rolling stock mother coil. But in the production, the actual control composition range of different manufacturers is different, such as Changyuan aluminum that can produce the aluminum foil for producing beer with low composition control range. The control scope of its chemical composition is mainly the examination.The technical indexes such as tensile strength, elongation rate and aluminum foil pinhole are considered to meet the requirements of users.

1.2 mechanical properties
The thickness of aluminum foil for beer is 0.0115mm now, and the mechanical property test is generally used in the bar stretching specimen, which is the parallel part
The width 15mm, length 170mm, and standard distance is 100mm stretching specimen, according to the user effect, 8011 O,0.0115mm aluminum foil.
Beer label aluminum foil tensile strength is in commonly 80 - 90 n/was,elongation is from2% to 2.5%. In addition, different usersaluminium coil.jpg
There are additional requirements, such as burst strength, etc. These technical indicators are generally inspected by the wine standard printing plant, and the aluminum foil supply factory passes.Process assurance without detection alone.

1.3 requirements for aluminum foil pinholes and surface quality
The thinner beer standard aluminum foil can be used for sealing after color coating, so the surface quality requirements are higher, aluminum foil table
It is not allowed to have grease spots, obvious marks and other defects. After the beer is printed, it should be evenly punched in the aluminum foil. 
The requirements of the standard special process are very strict, and there are few holes in the aluminum foil. Such as
The original pinhole of the aluminum foil, plus the small hole in the finished product beer label itself, the aluminum foil becomes the "sieve", the aluminum foil
His performance will also deteriorate, which will severely affect the speed of the beer labelling. However, at present, the beer standard of the supply of rolling stock in China
Can achieve small aluminum foil pinhole, in this respect basically can meet the user's use requirement.

2. The main points of production process control for beer label aluminum foil
The following is a review of the process control points for the production of aluminum foil for the casting of billet. The process flow is: casting and rolling
Adjustment - static furnace refining - online degassing - adding grain refiner - filtration - casting - rolling - cold rolling - in the middle thickness of the heat
The finished product is divided into the finished product.

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