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Specific application range of alumina special refractory material

Alumina special refractories varieties are: advanced refractory products, ceramic products, lightweight insulation products, fiber products, and non - shaped products, etc., the main scope of application:
(1) materials with ultra high temperature furnace lining structure.
(2) crucible for smelting and refining high pure metal high temperature alloy rare precious metal.
(3) high temperature furnace tube thermocouple tube high temperature insulation, etc..
(4) kiln with high temperature resistance and pressure block, etc..
(5) with high temperature corrosion resistant lining materials in petrochemical industry.
(6) transparent alumina ceramics can be used as high temperature observation window glass of high pressure sodium lamp.
(7) in the electronics industry for electronic circuit substrate tube high voltage ceramic shell radome spark plug.
(8) and abrasives such as grinding wheel piece cutting piece of wire drawing die wire drawing cone pulley textile porcelain pieces of nozzles wear resistant and high-temperature bearing and various props.
(9) sealing rings for piston pump parts in chemical industry.
(10) Metallurgical nonferrous metal smelting liquid conveying line.
(11) high temperature and high efficiency energy saving materials in various industrial sectors such as alumina, alumina, alumina, alumina, etc and products.
Now alumina products series of many for example: aluminum hydroxide alumina high temperature alumina high purity alumina calcined alumina white aluminium hydroxide industrial grade aluminum hydroxide toothpaste grade aluminum hydroxide agate grade aluminum hydroxide for filler grade aluminum hydroxide and so on. Alumina products have a wide range of applications, regardless of economic construction or life in her presence, she played a unique role.

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