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On the cleaning technology of electric cleaning technology for cleaning agent in industry

In recent years, a variety of electronic equipment accidents, accident disasters to the community a wake-up call. A large study in malignant accidents caused by the television, according to Shang Pu Industrial cleaning agent research center survey results show that, more than 98% is caused by TV extended service, line aging causes. Learned from the relevant technical units, due to electronic products is formed by many circuit integrated block, printed circuit board, and electronic device produced heat of formation of the strong electrostatic field will be strong adsorption dust, fiber, oil, water and air in the dust; over the long haul, circuit board will be covered with a thick layer of dirt, which can seriously affect the heat dissipation of electronic components and normal current transmission, bring element failure, loss of function, error control, burn out component, network outages and other various soft fault. Components of accelerated aging, directly caused by major accidents such as fire and burn hardware. Therefore, regular cleaning is the key to prevent all electronic equipment damage and accident.

Now a lot of cleaning agent manufacturers have launched high voltage live cleaning technology can not only for ordinary household appliances charged cleaning and cleaning of communication industry, electric power, finance, industry and other sectors of the electronic systems and instruments with charged with functions, safety and environmental protection, effective protection, conservation efficiency and so on. Many companies with their own advantages in resources, to absorb the advantages of Japan, the United States, Germany and other developed countries live cleaning products, research and development has its own independent intellectual property rights of electrified cleaning agent series products, has successfully passed the Information Industry Department of professional materials for quality supervision and inspection and test center detection. At present, charged cleaning and maintenance technology has been widely used in electric power, electronic, medical, banking, telecommunications and other industries.

Electronic equipment management and maintenance has become the core content of the integrated management of various industries, and electronic equipment management and maintenance is the inevitable trend of the development of high-tech means. Now, high-tech charged cleaning maintenance technology is the former "waiting for accidents and power outages, repair solution" - passive processing transformation for live working time, and environmental constraints, is the surface simple cleaning and blowing transformation for depth and thorough, comprehensive insurance clean maintenance, high and low voltage electric cleaning maintenance is a new technology to the traditional innovation and revolution.

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