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the exquisite appearance of brushed aluminum coil and foil

When we see the brushed aluminum,will be attracted by the perfect drawing texture, which gives the product a delicate look.brushed aluminium sheet.jpg

In the process of its processing, under pressure from the outside, can be compressed, can according to the needs of the consumers get what they want the size and shape, can think of all kinds of beautiful shape, decoration, this is brushed aluminum wire drawing process.
It can be seen in daily life, in gifts and household and even electronic products, etc. Other areas have its existence. Brushed aluminum plate of different color is not the same, can be said to be rich and colorful, as long as you have the color that oneself like can easily to the market to buy, the color is enough to meet the needs of you, look nice but it is very practical products.
Brushed aluminum production with sand paper burnish of aluminum plate bit by bit, with graceful lines, above the appearance is very beautiful, but its process or go through three processes, it can get the wiredrawing aluminum plate we need. But you know, in the middle of the production process, is must after anodizing, after its skin membrane technology, can make its surface to form a thin film, this film plays the role of the role is to protect. The hard to avoid in the process of production there will be a little bit of flaws, make its surface appear some tiny cracks, so is the need to modify this time, so we said above protective film will be useful at this point, it is mainly the effect of repair. Now gradually the development, the consumer is more focused on the anti-corrosive, no longer is a mere requirement appearance outstanding, a lot of people gradually pay attention to the actual use.
Aluminum sheet's surface treatment has a variety of different forms, such as: sandblasting (form the pearl matte silver surface), polishing formation (mirror), embossing (stamp out all sorts of texture), electroplating a layer of other metal (cover), spraying other non-metallic coating (cover), as well as drawing form like satin effect (). Compared with other surface treatment, wire drawing processing can make the metal surface to obtain a mirror metallic luster, like silk, satin, have very strong adornment effect as to the ordinary metal to the new life and the life, so the wiredrawing processing has more and more recognized and widely used in the market, in the construction industry has the elevator door plank, escalator decorating plate, in building hardware industry bibcock, hinges, handles, locks, etc.; The cabinet is like lampblack machine, stainless steel kitchen, sink and so on. Rising in recent years, various kinds of 3 c digital products to the climax is drawing application, such as a laptop panel and keyboard board, such as mobile phone panel, LCD box surface, the battery cover plate, camera slide, the protection of the digital camera lens cover plate, etc. There are various other electronic products, such as Mp3,Mp4,DVD player, projector, etc
The perfect drawing process of drawing aluminium plate gives the product exquisite appearance, let the product panel no longer drab, adds color to life.

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