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Lithium ion battery cathode material


 Aluminum foil for lithium ion battery cathode substrate

Alloy:1050 1060 1145 1235

Temper: H14,H24,H22,H18,O


Width:60mm-1200mm according to your requirement

thickness 0.02mm,0.022mm,0.025mm for power lithium battery

thickness 0.015mm,0.016mm,0.018mm for mobile lithium battery

Hard type for current collector celectrode backing

Soft type for saft packing for the lithium ion battery

Aluminum foil is the only material suited for lithium-ion battery cathode current collectors. There are no substitutes.Changyuan Foil employs aluminum alloys carefully selected for on-board vehicle use. The foil is produced with a precision thickness to within ±0.5 μm.

 lithium ion battery for mobile.jpgpower lithium battery.jpg

The features of  Changyuan aluminum foil for Lithium ion battery cathode material

1. Excels in foil flexibility

Due to its flexibility, this foil is resistant to the expansion and contraction of battery at the time of charge/discharge.

2.Good in smoothness on either side

The active material to provide the functionality of battery can be applied uniformly.

3.Small in foil thickness variation

Due to its small thickness variation, the coating thickness variation of active material can be suppressed.

To raise the output power, the HEV battery has a thinner active material layer than the commercial batteries.

The smaller the foil thickness variation, the smaller can be made the thickness variation of the active material.

This advantageous property of our product has been highly appreciated by every automotive battery manufacturers, and is often a decisive factor in accepting orders.

Why choose aluminum foil as cathode substrate for lithium battery?

Conductive carbon coated Aluminium foil can replace conventional Al foil as battery cathode substrate with improved properties

 Better electrical conductivity and less internal resistivity

Better mechanical strength and toughness to avoid short circuit caused by dendrite growth

Improved adhesion to the electrode material

Provides larger discharging capability and longer service life for Li-Ion batteries


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