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Food Packaging-aluminum foil


 Food packing material-aluminum foil Specification

Alloy: 8011,3003





Package:wooden case or wooden pallet

Appication :aluminum foil widelu used in making  the household foil,semi-rigid container foil,hot seal bag,aluminum bag,top cover for food ,chocolate candy packaging,tobacco packaging,pipe and tube,pharmaceutical foil,cigarette foil

Food packing material-aluminum foil feature:

1.Aluminum provide a total barrier an protects sensitive and valuable food from deterioration

2.Has unique mechanical properties as it is highty formable and can also be 'dead folded",which is beneficial when deep drawing and shaping containers

3.Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and at the same time is heat-resistant,alowing quick and controlled heating of the container's food content

4.The decorative potential of aluminum foil lends itself to strong shelf-appeal and striking pack design,the material is both bright and reflective and can be colour-lacquered or printed

5.Aluminium foil helps meet source reduction and sustainability goals through the development of lightweight and down-gauged packaging,aluminum foil and containers can be recycled time and agan without any loss of quality.

mother coil for aluminum foil .jpg

 Aluminum foil for semi-rigid container 

semi-rigid container.jpgAluuminum alloy and temper: 3003 H24,8011 H24

Thickness: from 0.06mm to 0.09 mm

Width: from 300mm to 600mm

ID:76mm ,152mm

Application of semi-rigid container:widely used in preserved pet food,preserved human food,chilled food,frozen food,bakery,catering,take-away





Aluminum foil for household foil

household foil.jpgAluuminum alloy and temper: 8011 O

Thickness: from 0.01mm to 0.02 mm

Width: from 200mm to 700mm

ID:76mm ,152mm

Application of  household foil :widely used in food cooking,freeing wrappling,storing





Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical foil

PHARMACEUTICAL FOIL.jpgAluuminum alloy and temper: 8011 H18

Thickness: from 0.01mm to 0.02 mm

Width: from 400mm to 600mm

ID:76mm ,152mm

Application of pharmaceutical foil:widely used in drug packing,pills packing,capsules and tablets packing




Aluminum foil for hot seal 

hot seal bags.jpgAluuminum alloy and temper: 8011 O

Thickness: from 0.02mm to 0.038mm

Width: from 400mm to 600mm

ID:76mm ,152mm


Application of hot  seal:widely used in packaging the milk,cooking bags,coffee bags,frozon bags and so on




Aluminum foil for cigarette foil

cigarette foil.jpgAluuminum alloy and temper: 8011 O,1235 O

Thickness: from 0.0065mm to 0.007mm

Width: from 460mm to 520mm


ID:76mm ,152mm

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