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Printing with the original aluminum foil substrate should be in accordance with the pinhole less, no oxidation, good flatness and thickness of the requirements, and the second should have good gloss and suitable surface wetting tension value. Wetting surface tension value is a concrete manifestation of the original aluminum foil substrate surface oil size, wetting surface tension values are not up to the requirements, printing ink can't well attached on the surface of the aluminum foil substrate, resulting in printing graphics and text is not uniform, and the attached firmly and glossiness can increase printing decoration effect, improve the grade of the commodity packaging.

Under normal circumstances, production printing foil requirements for the thickness of about 0. 02mm, tensile strength is more than 98MPa, rupture strength is more than 65kPa, wetting the surface tension of not less than 32 * 10-2N/m, surface clean, no wrinkles, no indentation damage, no piece of fluorescent material. In addition, aluminum foil pinhole degree diameter is 0.1 ~ 0 3mm, pinhole density is not more than 1 L /m.

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