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Aluminum signs material


 Road signs material-aluminum circle,aluminium triangles,aluminum squared,aluminum rectangles



Thickness:0.5mm to 6mm

Diameter:200mm to 1250mm

Surface treatments :polished ,bright , anodized

Type: aluminium circle,aluminium triangles,aluminum squared,aluminum rectangles

Package: wooden case or wooden pallet ,according to your requirement

 Signs type: regulatory traffic signs, warning traffic signs, guide signs, street signs, route marker signs, expressway signs, recreation and cultural interest signs, emergency management(civil defense)signs, temporary traffic control(construction or work zone) signs, shool signs, railroad and light rail signs, ricycle signs


aluminium squares2.jpgaluminum circle 3.jpg

aluminium rectangles.jpgaluminium triangles2.jpg

Aluminum circle,aluminium triangles,aluminum squared,aluminum rectangles Feature

1.       wide range of selection on size ,alloy and customized shape

2.       Deep drawing quality,good spinning quality,exxcellent forming and anodizing ,no four ears

3.       Excellent reflectivity,good for polishing

4.       Good anodized quality,suitable for hard anodizing and enameling

5.       Clean surface and smooth edge,hot rolled quality,fine grains and after deep drawing no cooper lines

6.       Be able to recycle

7.       Excellent pearl color anodizing

 P ROAD SIGNS.jpgroad signs.jpg

Street signs.jpgSTREET ROAD SIGNS.jpg

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