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Nitrogen annealing furnace

 hardness charge-annealing furnace

How to walk: the furnace group has a utility vehicle

capacity:40 mt-45 mt

Annealing furnace is one of the metal heat treatment furnace, is refers to the metal is placed within the different annealing furnace slowly Intermediate annealing,Nitrogen annealing furnaceheated to a certain temperature, heat preservation for a period of time after to optimum temperature cooling, so that the workpiece or softening materials, reduce the hardness to improve the plasticity and toughness, uniform chemical composition, achieve the desired physical properties.

Annealing characteristic
1. It is reliable that the annealing furnace can not only inherit the advantages of traditional annealing furnace structure and convenient operation, but also has the characteristics of sealing and reliability, adopting the whole pouring and no crack in the furnace.
2. Safe and stable each burner is equipped with an independent and complete combustion controller, which has automatic ignition and flame detection. This ensures the stability and safety of the combustion temperature control system.
3. High efficiency and energy saving users feedback to the high efficiency of the charging in the furnace, which can load and unload a large number of annealing workpieces at one time and save energy greatly.
4. Strong and durable annealing furnace is made of super strength non-stick aluminum pouring material, which can increase the overall strength, wear resistance and thermal shock stability, which greatly prolong the service life of the furnace.
5. In addition to reducing hardness and softening the workpiece, the furnace can reduce the mechanical properties of the workpiece and improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece and reduce the deformation, cracking or crack inclination of the workpiece

What is the role of nitrogen in the annealing furnace?

Nitrogen is a neutral gas. In the non-activated state, the nitrogen can be used as protection heating to prevent the oxidation of steel parts and decarburization. Therefore, it is widely used in the heat treatment process of bright quenching, bright annealing and bright temper. In vacuum heat treatment, nitrogen is often used as a cooling medium; Nitrogen can protect the electric heating element of the vacuum furnace while the nitrogen pressure oil quenching, and the hardening hardness of the steel can be improved by regulating the nitrogen pressure. In a certain voltage and low vacuum state, the nitrogen will ionize, and the ion nitrification and ion nitrogen carbonification can be carried out.

The temper of aluminum coil ,aluminum sheet and other aluminum products (H12,H14,H16,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,H32,H34,H111,H112,H116,H321,O and so on) must througth the annealing furnace to charge the hardness.

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