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1850 stretch straightening machine

 The stretch straightening machine  cleaned, tension stretched, and roller-bending straightening up  the aluminum coil . the surface of aluminum  have been cleaned and height leveling.

Incoming request:

1.Material: aluminum alloy  coil (1050 aluminum coil,1060 aluminium coil,1100 aluminium coil,1070 aluminium coil,3003 aluminium coil,3105 aluminium coil,5052 aluminium coil,5454 aluminium coil,5754aluminium coil,5083 aluminium coil,6061aluminium coil,8011 aluminium coil and so on)

2.performance:Yield strength is less than 400MPa1850 stretch straightening machine

3. Thickness:0.1mm-1.5mm

4.Width: Max 1700mm

5. OD: Max 2200mm

6.Weight of aluminum coil: Max 15000kg

7.The sleeve size:diametre 605mm,length: 1700mm,1900mm

The finished product requirements



3. OD: Max 2200mm

4.ID:diametre 505mm

The process parameters:

1.Speed of work:MAX 300m/Min   cleaning Max 250m/min

2.Max enlongation :3%,Maximum tensile force:18000kg

Transmission mode: ac frequency conversion, electromechanical differential

 The main work of the tensile straightening unit of aluminum strip is to cut the aluminum strip through the rolling of the cold rolling mill, cutting the end material, cutting edge, straightening and straightening, and winding it into finished product..The main equipment has the open coiler, cutting head, cutting, cleaning and treatment device, bending straightening machine, tension roller group, coiler. Bending straightening machine and the tension roll group is one of the key equipment, by controlling the tension roller combination decoiling, elongation of coiler tension and speed control stability and surface quality of the production version and qualified finished product aluminum coil