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the causes of Bumps in the production of aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is widely used in the  cigarette packing,flexible packing,video cable foil,household foil,hot seal purpose,pharmaceutical packing,auto radiator and so on.But in the process of production, the Bumps is produced,the yield is reduced,if we want to solve this problem,fist ,we must to know the cause of  bumps in producing the aluminum foil .

 It will produce large amounts of deformation heat and friction heat in the process of rolling aluminum foil.The rolling deformation zone is always in a state of heat.If the roll deformation area local temperature is too high.Beyond the use of rolling cooling oil cooling ability, make its thermal expansion, has become loose and the corresponding point of export aluminum foil, such as in the process of aluminum foil coiling unable to flattening.Is there after coiling porosity is larger than smooth place, accumulated to form the drum, in some data it called hot drum.In actual production, the causes of the aluminium roll drum basically has the following several aspects:

(1) the rolling stick crown; 

(2) the shape parameter is not reasonable.In the billet convex; 

(3) the coolant injection pressure is insufficient or nozzle blockage; 

(4) the technology of lubricating oil is not reasonable

(5) the backup roll has a clean cut injury; 

(6) flattening machine pressure, 

(7) including a large amount of pressure