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aluminum mother coil of double zero aluminum foil

 The two kinds of  aluminum mother coils for double zero aluminum foil,they are direct chill cast hot rolled mother coil and double rolles continuous casting mother coil.The thickness of mother coils is 0.3mm-0.6mm.They are suitable for produce the aluminum foil.But thedefference of the production process,there are differences in the composition of matel compounds,thus the quility difference of double zero aluminum foil is produced.%E9%93%9D%E5%8D%B7.jpg

The techinic flow of hot rolled mother coil: smelting——ingot casting ——milling surface—— homogenization——hot rolling——intermediate annealing——mother coil 

The oxidation layer and defects of the flat surface are removed by millinng surface,it is also heated and homogenized,Under the above recrystallization temperature, the internal tissues of the billet have been repeatedly rewrote, recrystallized, homogeneity of the internal organization, and the size and shape of grain have been significantly improved.

The techinic flow of  cold rolled mother coil: smelting——continuous casting ——cold rolling—— intermediate annealing——cold rolling——mother coil 

 The cast-rolling aluminium liquid by casting nozzle guide into two casting roller in the roll gap of rolling machine, within a few millimeters cast-rolling area length, after two roll of forced cooling, crystallization and small amounts of rolling deformation, get around 7 mm thickness of roll casting mother coil.Due to different crystallization conditions can lead to uneven cast-rolling aluminium coil internal organization composition, however, because of the double stick roll cooling speed in cast-rolling plate grain spacing decreases, the compounds of the metal particle refinement, such organizations particularly suited to thinner double zero foil rolling.

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